Our Story

The story of how the Myneral ecosystem came into fruition, and how it will grow in the future.

Our Story

Myneral was born at the Vivatech TechCrunch Hackathon in Paris, exactly one year ago in May 2019. The Myneral.me project represented the beginning for us in the Startup world, with us taking  a chance intending to innovate and enhance an industry that was untouched by the digital evolution.

At first, Myneral.me was specifically focused on solving one challenge for the mining industry. We were determined to introduce transparency and traceability inside this sector, whilst presenting a clean and easy to use UI and UX to our users. At the TC Hackathon we created a prototype that showed a glimpse of our vision - the prototype was complicated and rough in terms of its looks, but it worked and demonstrated the advantages of having a blockchain-based, smart supply chain management tool.

We hoped that the project would do well in the competition, but we weren't expecting what happened when the judges presented the winners. After all the sponsors had announced their prize winners, there was only one prize left to be won - the Techcrunch prize, aka 'Overall winner'. We believed in our project but weren't sure if it would be 'sexy' enough for the TC judges. So, when the response came and we were the competition's overall winner,  we were thrilled and amazed. But shortly  after we had finished celebrating we started to focus on our project more intensley to finalise our prototype's functionality.

During the year that followed we worked with a French company in the mining sector to optimize the software and help it take shape as a product. During this development we realised the greater potential for Myneral.me to not just be used in the mining industry, but in the supply chain industry in general.

Using our Blockchain technology and in-house AI (currently in-development) we wanted to offer that industry a glimpse into the future wherein everything is easy to trace and optimise.

Myneral.me is not just a software project, it is part of an ecosystem we are developing at Myneral Labs Ltd,  called Myneral.

The Myneral ecosystem contains of three products at this stage:

  • MYNERAL.ME : Our revolutionary SCM tool based on the Blockchain technology offers transparency and traceability in the mining and supply chain industries. Using our physical nodes, the MYN-ONE devices represent nodes in the blockchain that are able to track the package and offer information about its origins with a simple QR code scan or NFC tap.
  • MYN-ONE DEVICE: Our hardware devices developed in-house function as real world blockchain nodes. They come with an NFC card which acts like a wallet, and they serve as the main way to login in the system.The devices offer bluetooth, 4G/LTE, Wi-fi and USB Type C connectivity.
  • MYNERAL AI: The AI is currently in development and will come in the way of an over-the-air update to our devices. It pulls shipment data from inside your organization and simulates costs and delivery times by taking in account different types of weather, traffic jams, accidents along the route and shortest route.

In the present we are at the pre-seeding round looking for investors in order to launch our product.