Case Study: 3G Sport is the supply-chain management tool for the modern SMB. Learn more about one of our recent deployments and how has made the difference in operating an efficient, easy to use and business focused supply chain.

Case Study: 3G Sport

3G Sport is a Romanian firm that specialises in the end-to-end design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of luxury pools throughout eastern Europe. Quality is key to the 3G Sport brand, and in order to deliver the level of service their customers expect and demand, 3G has invested into building warehousing and manufacturing areas in order to meet its ongoing growth.

The Problem: Loss & Efficiency

Before the introduction of '', 3G was using a combination of accounting software and paper-based administration in order to gain understanding of the state of their supply chain. This resulted in significant yearly losses (either due to theft, misplaced items or items expiring) highlighting the need for #SmartSCM

Stages of the supply chain where Myneral can add value

The diagram above shows the several points in the supply chain where Myneral is proven to add value. When looking at 3G Sport, they primarily take the role of a distributor and retailer, as well as the end installer.

Before introducing the platform, 3G Sport did not have a centralised tool for tracing items from order, to warehousing until finally installation at the customer site.

With, 3G Sport can now not only offer a customer facing 'tracking number' t0 their orders, but gains vital understanding and insight into the actual mutations occurring within their supply chain. By understanding metadata such as expiry dates, loss can be minimised by alerting staff picking from the warehouse about the suitability of certain goods for the task. (e.g. identifying there are goods due to expire earlier thus they should be sold first)

Our Role

For 3G Sport, Myneral Labs deployed the full base package + Stock Management Add-on.

The base package includes:

  • mynOne Scanners (Amount specific to deployment)
  • mynPrint Label Printer + Controller
  • Access to Admin Panel
  • Access to private blockchain environment

The Stock Management addon provides the following extra features:

  • Stock Management software module (SKU management, picklists etc.)
  • mynScreens
  • mynAdminPanel

We also built a custom integration for 3G, enabling the bulk importing of goods into making the transition to using the system even easier.

The mynPanel

Some customers may benefit from having an easy, single-pane-of glass control panel enabling for on-the-fly printing of labels.

Wall-mounted station holding MynAdminPanel, Label printer and MynOne

For 3G Sport, we deployed the panel at the entrance to the warehouse. It shows customised, on-the-fly statistics about the supply chain, open orders, news, or whatever the customer desires. It also houses our custom MynPrint software enabling printing from MynOne's and Admin PC's over the network.

Dynamic Shelf Labeling (MynScreens)

As 3G Sport has limited warehousing space, and certain parts of its business are seasonal, they have a high rotation of stock through the warehouse. In order to facilitate the accurate tracking of goods within the warehouse, MynScreens were installed at several storage positions throughout the warehouse.

MynScreens are smart e-ink displays that connect directly to the platform and show information related to the goods that is being stored in them.

MynScreen demonstrating locate functionality

They allow for the easy locating of items within the warehouse via the built-in-led, and provide simplicity in managing items by bringing a digital Blockchain reference into the real world.

The Admin Panel

The Admin Panel enables for management of all goods from an easy-to-use web app. Focussed primarily at management staff, the admin panel makes generating reports, finding goods and managing devices easier than ever.

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