Bigcommerce Partnership and Beta App Announcement

Myneral Labs are proud to announce our new partner status and pending App integration with Bigcommerce, a major player for scalable, headless e-commerce. It is now easier than ever to link Myneral to your web store and begin managing orders intelligently!

Bigcommerce Partnership and Beta App Announcement

Myneral Labs are proud to announce that we are officially partnered with Bigcommerce, a vendor that provides backend e-commerce solutions for businesses big and small.

This unique 'Tech Partner' status allows us to offer our custom " Connector" plugin natively via the Bigcommerce app ecosystem, and enables us to provide automated tools to our customers to set up their own online web store in a couple of clicks.

Our integration seamlessly synchronises order data and order status between Bigcommerce and the blockchain. Thus, when a customer checks out on the web store, a matching order and pick list are generated in, allowing for items to be taken from a managed warehouse and the order to be seamlessly tracked.

After installing the app from the Bigcommerce store, simply click the 'Pair with Myneral' button to bind your store securely to your company in Myneral (via the admin panel). Connector App

This advanced solution enables even easier end-to-end tracking, as Myneral can now be extended with e-commerce platforms to manage groups of items in the 'Orders' menu.

The " Connector" app is currently in beta, but will be releasing to the Bigcommerce App Platform after submission and approval by the Bigcommerce team within the next 2 weeks.

As part of Myneral's "modular design" ethos we are working hard to build integrations to several leading platforms. We would love your suggestions for integrations to work on next!

In the coming weeks we have roadmapped the following third-party e-commerce integrations:

  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce
  • Wix Store